Find Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing the Right Bra Size

For women with larger breasts, finding the right fit and bra size to prevent the stretching of the connective tissue is particularly important but not always easy. If you’re wearing the wrong bra, the weight of the breasts can cause the skin to become stretched, and that is exactly how women end up with sagging breasts. Slim women with big breasts have even more problems finding the right fit, but since these women are considered lucky, they are often ignored. Manufacturers assume that a woman with a big cup has a big chest and back as well, even though this is often not the case. If the cup fits their breast perfectly, they often stand too far apart, or the back strap is excessively long, because, once again, the manufacturer assumes that the big breasts belong to a bigger body. For these women, finding the right fit is often a huge struggle.

Buying a Product Too Quickly May Lead to a Mistake

Many women have made a mistake of buying a bra too quickly. It can happen that you fall in love with the colour or the design and ignore any comfort issues you might have. The right thing to do always is choose for comfort and not for style and aesthetic appeal. A bra should always be comfortable, and if it looks good, consider it a cherry on top.

10 Useful Tips for Buying a Good Bra

1: It feels too tight around your breasts? Go for a larger cup and smaller size.

2: It is a good idea to choose the widest hooks, always. The elastic band wears out rather quickly, which means you want a wide hook that can connect easier.

3: The support should come from the cups. It’s not a problem if the bra has shoulder straps, but ideally, you should find a bra that stays on without them.

4: Bras with too sturdy, strong bands should be dismissed right away. If the chest muscles don’t have to do any work they lose their strength, and once that happens, you can kiss your firm breasts good-bye.

5: The cups shouldn’t be too tight. This looks good, but it’s not healthy. If you struggle to put two fingers under your cup, you know you have to change it for something that’s a little more supportive.

6: When you look at yourself from the side in the mirror you should – provided that you found the right bra – see a 90 degree angle with your breasts.

7: If you find a good bra that has a good grip on your breasts, you can avoid the “four breast” effect, which happens when somebody goes all the way with their cleavage, squeezing the life out of themselves.

8: The back band should always run across the body in a direct line, if that doesn’t happen, it is time to change your bra.

9: Let’s say your bra is on the widest hook. Can you pull the band a little? If not, your cup maybe too big, and you need a different bra.

10: If you find the right size, remember, the bands should always align with your shoulders.

It is important to add that these tips do not apply to the old-fashioned bullet bras and corsets. Finding the right bra is more than possible in today’s market, so even if you failed to accomplish this in the past, your dream bra is out there. Go get it!

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you’ll find our tips useful.

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